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Landlord and tenant disputes

The landlord and tenant relationship is one which underpins the security of so many homes, businesses and investments. When a serious issues arises, it is important to have a specialist property solicitor on your side who understands your rights and obligations.

The relationship of landlord and tenant is one which takes on a variety of forms and can exist with or without a contractual document. There is also a long (and ever expanding) list of statutes and case law precedent which regulates the relationship and impose and confer rights and obligations on tenants and landlords alike. You may find that you have rights and obligations that you never knew existed. It can be a complicated area and is often the source of disagreements and disputes. That is where we come in.

Morr & Co has a specialised team of solicitors dedicated to resolving landlord and tenant-related disputes, as well as managing the risks and maximising the opportunities that flow from the landlord and tenant relationship. We act for both landlord and tenants and that enables us to understand the needs and demands on both sides of the relationship.

Our key areas of expertise are:

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