Not for profit sector

Not-for-profit organisations face a double challenge: delivering a quality of service that chimes with your values, and doing so on a limited budget, constrained by your funding and your obligation to direct your budget at your strategic goals.

At Morrisons, we understand these challenges and recognise the need to provide genuinely cost-effective advice that protects your assets and reputation, and preserves your capacity to deliver on your core purpose.

Many of our team have first-hand experience of working for organisations in the not-for-profit sector and operating within these constraints. A number of our lawyers hold positions as trustees, members and governors of local schools, clubs and other associations, including charities. This, together with our long experience of advising not-for-profit organisations of all sizes, means that we deliver practical legal advice that is sensitive, proportionate and cost-effective.

We work with schools and colleges, churches, hospitals, members’ clubs and sports associations, some of which have been coming back to us for advice for more than five generations.

  • Constitutional, trust and tax matters
  • Corporate and commercial matters including negotiating commercial contracts, charity mergers and structuring collaborations between charities
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property matters such as branding and IP protection
  • Dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation of trustee disputes and compliance issues
  • Property matters
  • Charities and Charity Commission liaison
  • Support to trustees and committees