About us

We’re a modern, forward-thinking law firm but the traditional values of integrity and trust continue to drive our firm and define the service we provide.

And that, we think, is what makes our firm a little bit different.

Welcome to Morrisons Solicitors, a firm with a long history and big ambitions.

Our team are committed to providing our clients – businesses, families and private individuals – with outstanding legal advice and practical solutions that help you to achieve your goals.

Whatever the challenge you are facing – from a corporate acquisition or merger to a party wall dispute, clinical negligence claim or family crisis – we will pursue your interests with energy, integrity and professional rigour. That may mean protecting or asserting your rights, or it could mean protecting and preserving your assets.

Working with us, you’ll find that we combine sharp, commercially informed legal expertise with a down-to-earth approach. Our success as a firm is a direct result of our ability to deliver success for our clients, so our aim is always to understand your concerns and your objectives, and then to use our legal expertise to find the best way to achieve them. That’s how we have grown to become one of the leading firms in the South East.

Our Core Values

Our values are the qualities and attributes that drive our actions and help us to be successful for our clients and our firm.

They are a toolkit of attitudes and qualities that inform our behaviour and enable us to achieve our goals. They are what we believe is truly important and useful, and what we model in our work and in our relationships with clients, colleagues and the community.

290 years of history