Pricing and Service

Providing clients with upfront, clear, transparent and honest pricing is important to us.

When you are getting advice on something that has a direct impact on your family, your home, your career, your business, or your assets, you need to ensure you engage with a team of professionals who take the time to understand your specific circumstances, and who provide you with the advice and service you need, and give you peace of mind.

I was extremely impressed by the courtesy and kindness of all with whom we dealt and did not feel intimidated to ask questions. Thank you so much for your high level of expertise.

The lowest price rarely represents the best quality, or the best service. So, whilst we are often not the cheapest option available, we are confident that our pricing reflects that quality of advice and the service that you will receive.

On the pages below you will find information on how we charge for certain types of work. We are required to set out prices in this way for these work types by our regulatory body, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

For all areas not covered in the below, we are very happy to provide you with a pricing proposal based on your specific needs.

Department Pricing

The information on costs and timing is provided for guidance only. It is not a quotation. We shall be pleased to provide information relating to a particular matter on request. Every client will receive a letter of engagement and terms of business setting out our terms and costs based on their needs and the specific facts of the matter.