Buying, Selling and Mortgaging a Property

Pricing and Service 

The information on costs and timing is provided for guidance only. It is not a quotation. We shall be pleased to provide more detailed costs information relating to a particular matter on request. Every client will receive a letter of engagement and terms of business setting out our terms and costs based on their needs and the specific facts of the matter.

Where we carry out residential property work for clients, including freehold and/or leasehold sales and purchase, and mortgages or re-mortgages, we will agree with you a fee estimate at the outset.  That fee estimate is not strictly a ‘fixed fee’ but we would only seek to alter that estimate if the work we were required to do was significantly outside what we expected when the estimate was given and only in consultation with you.

Our fee estimates are based on various factors on a case-by-case basis.  Our fees typically range from £995 plus VAT to a maximum of 0.125% of the value of the property +VAT.  Such fees are intended to cover the work required in respect of the transaction and we do not charge additional ‘add on’ fees for work within the original, agreed scope.

Throughout our house sale and purchase they were efficient, considerate and kept us fully updated on a regular basis. An excellent service!


Please see below by way of ‘typical’ fees for some straightforward transactions:-

  • purchase of a residential, freehold house with a registered title with a value of £450,000 with a mortgage -  £1,095 plus VAT.
  • sale of a leasehold property with a registered title with a value of £450,000 - £1,245 plus VAT
  • re-mortgage of a freehold property with a registered title with a value of £450,000 - £850 plus VAT

An indication of what may affect the level of fees involved include the following:-

  • The value of the property in question
  • Whether the transaction is a sale, purchase or re-mortgage
  • Whether the property in question is leasehold or freehold
  • The nature of the mortgage or other funding method
  • The urgency of the matter and whether or not there is another transaction with which it must coincide
  • Whether the property is a listed building, in a conservation area or subject to other planning obligations requiring specific action or investigation 
  • Where a freehold property, if the property is part of a managed estate
  • Whether title to the property is defective and remedial action required.
  • Whether or not the property is registered at the Land Registry, and if so in more than one registered title. If the transaction consists of the purchase of a new build house or flat at which point the new title has not been created or if the land is unregistered then further consideration of the time involved may be required.