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Employment policies & company handbooks

Having up to date employment policies and handbooks is one of the best ways to avoid employment disputes

Having up-to-date, accurate and compliant employment policies and company handbooks – and ensuring that your HR function and employees know about them – is one of the best ways of avoiding employment disputes and tackles them early if they do arise.

Morr & Co's employment solicitors will provide you with bespoke jargon-free employment policies and staff handbooks, individually tailored to your business requirements and industry sector.

Our employment solicitors will advise you on appropriate policies required by law and on the most practical ways of applying them, both to manage your business’s relationship with its workforce and to protect your interests should a dispute arise. Whether we are drafting entirely new documentation or amending your existing documents, we will ensure that they reflect the most recent employment legislation and best practice, as well as the needs of your business.


What is a staff handbook?

A staff handbook is a document containing company policies, procedures and practises. This document gives the company and employee a clearer vision of what is expected from both parties.

Is a Staff Handbook a legal requirement?

While staff handbooks are not a legal requirement in the workplace, it is certainly best practice to have one in place. It sets out the rights and responsibilities of staff and employers. Handbooks can be contractual or non-contractual, and it could be the case that some of the information contained in the handbook is a legal requirement, for example information relating to remuneration, holiday and working hours.

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Mel McCrum

Mel McCrum

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