Section 121 – Security to be given by building owner and adjoining owner

London Building Act 1930


(1) An adjoining owner may if he thinks fit by notice in writing require the building owner (before by beginning any work which he may be authorised by this Part of this Act to execute) to give such security as may be agreed upon or in case of difference as may be settled by the judge of the county court for the payment of all such expenses costs and compensation in respect of the work as may be payable by the building owner.

(2) The building owner may if he thinks fit at any time after service on him of a notice under the last foregoing subsection by the adjoining owner and before beginning a work to which the notice relates but not afterwards serve a counter notice on the adjoining owner requiring him to give such security for payment of the expenses costs and compensation for which he is or will be liable as may be agreed upon or in case of difference may be settled as aforesaid.

(3) If the adjoining owner does not within one month after service of such a counter notice as aforesaid give security accordingly he shall at the end of that month be deemed to have ceased to be entitled to compliance with his notice served under subsection (1) of this section and the building owner may proceed as if no such notice had been served on him by the adjoining owner.

London Building Act 1930