Section 119 – Building owner to underpin adjoining owner’s property

London Building Act 1930


Where a building owner intends to erect within ten feet of a building belonging to an adjoining owner a building or structure any part of which within such ten feet extends to a lower level than the foundations of the building belonging to the adjoining owner he may and if required by the adjoining owner shall (subject as hereinafter provided) underpin or otherwise strengthen the foundations of the said building so far as may be necessary and the following provisions shall have effect:

(1) At least two months’ notice in shall be given by the, building owner to the adjoining owner stating his intention to build and whether he proposes to underpin otherwise strengthen the foundations of the said building and such notice shall be accompanied by a plan and sections showing the site of the proposed building and the depth to which he proposes to excavate:

(2) If the adjoining owner within fourteen days after being served with such notice gives a counter notice in writing that he disputes the necessity of or requires such underpinning or strengthening a difference shall be deemed to have arisen between the building owner and the adjoining owner:

(3) The building owner shall be liable to compensate the adjoining owner and occupier for inconvenience loss or damage which may result to them by reason of the exercise of the powers conferred by this section:

(4) Nothing in this section shall relieve the building owner from any liability to which he would otherwise be subject in case of injury caused by his building operations to the adjoining owner.

London Building Act 1930