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A case study for businesses navigating COVID-19

Insights in context: Agility and resilience: A case study for businesses navigating COVID-19

Our expert panel will explore the impact of COVID-19 using a fictional business that was close to exit prior to the pandemic. The case study will examine some of the legal challenges and opportunities relating to diversifying a business and making it leaner and more resilient to additional or extended restrictions. More specifically our panel will explore:

  • Revisiting commercial agreements and re-organising the corporate structure to protect the assets of a diversified business.
  • Varying employment terms and hours, the newly extended Job Retention Scheme and working from home.
  • Subletting under-utilised space, change of use, rent suspension and renegotiating lease terms.
  • Commercial contract issues, such as frustration and force majeure, along with advice on maximising the return if a supplier goes bust.

We are also delighted to be joined by Kevin Uphill, founder and Chairman of Avondale who will look at Employee Ownership Trusts as a means of exit in a turbulent M&A market.

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