Rebrand, re-use, recycle – a zero-to-landfill project

When we announced our rebrand from Morrisons Solicitors to Morr & Co at our staff conference  last year, one of the first questions we were asked was how we planned to manage the inevitable wastage of old brand items and what our plans were to minimise the environmental impact of the rebrand.

We had to consider ways to sustainably dispose of materials from headed paper to office mugs to branded gazebos! The good news was that we had already started auditing, monitoring, and managing stock levels, and that we were aiming for a zero-to-landfill rebrand.

In disposing of items which were no longer of use to us, we did the following to minimise the impact of the project:


  • donated 25 boxes of paper to around 20 different charities, schools, and community groups close to our offices.
  • 2000 pens donated to a charity who provide pens to schoolchildren in Africa
  • 100 lever arch folders rebranded for internal use


  • 720kg of un-reusable paper waste recycled
  • Engaged with a local “zero-to-landfill” company who collect all manner of materials for reuse or recycling. Anything that cannot be recycled is instead put through a process of recovering usable energy from waste products

When it came to buying new stock, we worked with a supplier who suggested sustainable options for all new purchases. In addition, every pound we spent with them gave us EcoTokens based on each item’s sustainability. These tokens were then used to offset our environmental impact by planting trees and contributing to an ocean plastic clean-up campaign. Our purchases enabled us to support:

  • planting of 294 trees, offsetting 29T of CO2 (the equivalent of 22 long haul flights, or saving 9m2 of sea ice)
  • collection of 17,780 plastic bottles, recovering 355kg of ocean-bound plastic.

As we move forward, we also want to ensure we continue to keep sustainability in mind. As such we have moved most of our team to digital business cards, we will continue to use our sustainable suppliers and will be ordering only what we need to ensure wastage.

To find out more about the Morr & Co rebrand, visit morrlaw.com/our-new-name


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