Section 4 – Interpretation

London Building Act (Amendment) Act 1939

(1) In this Act save as is otherwise expressly provided therein and unless the context otherwise requires the following expressions have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them:

“Act of 1930” means the London Building Act 1930;

“occupier” (except in Part V (Means of escape in case of fire) of this Act) does not include a lodger and the expressions “occupy” and “occupation ” shall be construed accordingly;

“party fence wall” means a wall (not being part of a building) which stands on lands of different owners and is used or constructed to be used for separating such adjoining lands but does not include a wall constructed on the land of one owner the artificially formed support of which projects into the land of another owner;

“party structure” means a party wall and also a floor partition or other structure separating buildings or parts of buildings approached solely by separate staircases or separate entrances from without ;

“party wall” (except in Part VI (Rights &c. of building and adjoining owners) of this Act) means so much of a wall which forms part of a building as is used or constructed to be used for separating adjoining buildings belonging to different owners or occupied or constructed or adapted to be occupied by different persons together with the remainder (if any) of the wall vertically above such before-mentioned portion of the wall;

(2) The definitions assigned by section 5 (Definitions) of the Act of 1930 to the following terms being terms which are defined in subsection (1) of this section namely “builder ” “cubical extent” “district surveyor” “domestic building” “height” “inhabited” “noxious business” “occupier” “party fence wall” “party
structure” “party wall” “public building” “superintending architect” and “tribunal of appeal” and the definitions assigned by the said section 5 to the terms “base” “bressummer” “certified building” ” cross wall” “fire-resisting materials” “first storey” “foundation” “girder” “high building” “pifiar” and “upper storey” shall cease to have effect except as regards anything done or begun or any proceeding instituted before the commencement of this Act.

London Building Act (Amendment) Act 1939