Expect a stampede of Tribunal claims….


Although we do not as yet have the date of the introduction of employment tribunals fees other than “Summer 2013” (i.e. between 21 June and 22/23 September) the Government has published the draft Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunals Fees Order 2013 in which they are set out which you can find here:  Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013

Savvy claimants will be filing tribunal claims prior to 21 June to ensure they are not liable for fees.

As confirmed in our previous blog, they are:

Type A prescribed claims : £160 which is payable when the claim form is filed and £230 for the hearing which is payable ‘on a date specified’  in the tribunals’ notification of the hearing date

Type B (all other) claims which will include unfair dismissal:  £250 and £950 respectively

The Order is silent on what happens if the fees are not paid; although in the case of multiple claims by a group of claimants there is reference to claims being struck out for non payment.

Details are given of the categories of claimants who have full or part remission of fees. For example those in receipt of ‘qualifying benefits’ such as Job seekers allowance and single claimants with a gross annual income of £13000 have full remission. Details are also given of Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees.

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