Proud to continue supporting Young Enterprise

Woking High School students discover that running a games-console business can be all fun and games!

Robert Mulvany who is based in our Woking office and a member of our Wills, estate & tax planning department, joined a team of local business representatives at Woking High School to support Young Enterprise’s ‘Sell for Success’ scheme.

The scheme was an early opportunity for the students to apply the skills they have learned in school in a business context. It conveyed to the students the importance of good communication and time keeping skills in running a successful business.

The students were tasked with setting up an electronic games company, designing a console and associated products before marketing and selling the same over two simulated business years.

The enthusiasm and drive of every student was plain to see and it was no surprise to see all five businesses achieving increasing profits throughout the game.

Morrisons is proud to continue its involvement in Young Enterprise’s educational programmes.


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