“Lawyers not needed to make it legal”

The above is a sub title from page 5 in The Daily Mail published on 27th September, 2013 relating to the making of Wills, and quite right too. A lawyer is not necessary.

The Mail then goes on to give advice as to the formalities for witnessing a Will.

So far so good.  There is money to be saved by not using lawyers.  What is there not to like?

Well …

The Law Courts are bulging with cases when problem execution or odd wording has to go before a judge for resolution.

Solicitors may make money out of making Wills but they make even more money out of incomplete Wills and even the un-making of them.

If you compare the cost of making a Will professionally against the size of an estate and the expense of trying to fix problems, it puts the true cost into perspective.  None of us knows how those we leave behind are going to behave when we have gone.

There is a lot to be saved by using a specialised lawyer to draw up your Will quite apart from the fact that lawyers have got good advice to give on all areas of your estate and how best to protect your assets on your death.

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