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Depression and Brain Injury

On World Mental Health Day 2019 Holly Chantler, Partner and Head of Private Client explores research surrounding people living with brain injury’s and the mental health issues that come with that and the charities which offer support.

Depression is a common consequence of a brain injury.  Research has found that people living with a brain injury are more likely to experience depression – approximately 3 in 10 – than those who have not had such an injury – approximately 1 in 10.  It may be caused by damage to the brain itself and/or is a result of the person gaining insight into the effect of their injury.  Brain injuries can also lead to anxiety, frustration, anger and PTSD.

Dealing with a brain injury can be a difficult experience for both the person living with the injury, as well as their friends and family.  It is important to understand that these feelings are not uncommon and there are resources and support networks available. These include charities such as Headway and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and the Child Brain Injury Trust.

There are a number of possible causes of brain injury, including falls, road accidents, tumours and strokes.  No two brain injuries are the same and people are affected in different ways.

You should seek professional help and assistance if you are experiencing symptoms of depression (regardless of whether you are living with a brain injury) and this may also include legal assistance.  If you are having suicidal thoughts, consider speaking to the Samaritans on 116 123 (free line).  Every six seconds the Samaritans respond to a call for help.  There is no judgment and no pressure.


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