Telecoms Masts – planning for the future

In line with plans to expand the telecoms infrastructure in the UK, the Government has recently published a paper seeking feedback on proposals to extend the permitted development rights for taller masts and whether new permitted development rights should be introduced.


If implemented, this is expected to make life easier for telecoms operators to install new or amend existing apparatus.

However, this will not trump the terms of any lease or licence between the operator and landowner. Regardless of any relaxation to the planning laws, the operator may still require the landowner’s permission before carrying out any works. Therefore, in the near future, landowners might expect to be contacted by operators with requests to carry out works to the existing equipment. Worse still, landowners may find that the works have been carried out without any notice at all.

To ensure that your position, as landowner, is protected in these circumstances, our telecoms team is able to provide advice and assistance on your rights. 

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