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What support is available to you if you have sustained a brain injury?

This week is Action for Brain Injury week, a campaign run by Headway. To honour this campaign, our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team will be highlighting a few of the important services that are available to anyone who has sustained a brain injury.

A brain injury is a very serious health condition which is life changing. It is therefore important to know that there is a lot of support available and how you can access it.

Accessing help and support throughout your brain injury journey will likely help you to cope with, and adapt to, many of the challenges that you will undoubtedly face.

Recovering well from a brain injury normally requires a multidisciplinary approach which involves different support structures. These can include, but are not limited to, medical and rehabilitative support and care, psychological support from your medical team or outside professionals and social care from carers or support teams.

Finding the right support structure for your needs will assist you with your recovery and help you to improve your quality of life in the long term. This support and assistance may also prove helpful to anyone caring for someone with a brain injury, such as family and friends.

Services that may be of assistance to you include:

  • The NHS and all brain injury services – the NHS can provide you with both immediate and long-term treatment, rehabilitation and support. You may require assistance from many medical disciplines including neurologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, speech and language specialists and physical therapists.
  • Private and NHS brain injury rehabilitation centres.
  • Charities and support groups – these can become very important during a brain injury journey. If you choose to link in with a charity, they will be able to advise you on the range of services which they offer which are relevant to your needs. They can offer practical support and provide you with details of other support groups and activities which you can become involved in. They can also be an excellent resource and support to the wider family of those impacted by a brain injury Charities to consider include:
  • Legal and financial advice.
  • Employment, vocational and educational support – you may want to return to work or begin new employment after your brain injury, so accessing these services will help you to rejoin the workforce in a way that suits your new abilities. The same can apply if you were in education before your brain injury and wish to rejoin your school, college and/or university.
  • Community respite services – you may be eligible to access community services to obtain home based support and/or respite care for you and your family. This can be incredibly helpful to everyone involved with your care.
  • Psychological services – including support, counselling and therapy services.

How can Morr & Co support you if you have sustained a brain injury?

At Morr & Co, our Personal Injury team can support you through the entire process. Our team features lawyers who have worked within the medical professions so they are able to connect you with specialist professionals who can understand and quantify the long-term consequences of the injuries you have sustained.

Contact our solicitors on 01737 854 500 or email [email protected]


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