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How to explain to people that you have a brain injury

Many people don’t understand how a brain injury can be caused or more importantly, the impact that it can have on someone’s health and life. It is therefore both very helpful and empowering to be able to explain to people, that you or someone close to you, has sustained a brain injury and how that brain injury has impacted you.

It is important that you feel confident that you can explain what has happened to you or someone else as this helps people understand and ensures they can provide you with the right support and assistance that you need.

How can you explain your brain injury to someone?

There are several ways in which you can do this:

  • Be open and honest and encourage them to ask you questions.
  • Provide examples of how your symptoms are challenging and the impact that this has on your everyday life.
  • Explain any invisible symptoms that you may have, which they may not realise you have to live with.
  • Explain your needs, in particular how they may be able to assist you/understand you.
  • Obtain a Headway Brain Injury ID card which you can show to them.

What is a Headway Brain Injury ID Card?

Anyone with a brain injury who is over 18 years of age can apply for a Headway Brain Injury ID Card. A card for children and young adults can be obtained from the Child Brain Injury Trust.  This card can be adapted to the individual and sets out essential information about the individual’s condition, specific needs, difficulties and symptoms.

It can provide a way of communicating that the cardholder has a brain injury. The card is free of charge. To apply, contact Headway UK or use the following link: Brain Injury Identity Card application form (tfaforms.com)

Headway Brain Injury ID Card

(Source and image – Headway UK)

How can Morr & Co support you if you have sustained a brain injury?

Charlotte Rees-Knowlden, our Head of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence is a Trustee at Headway. Our Personal Injury team features lawyers who have worked within the medical professions so they are able to connect you with specialist professionals who can understand and quantify the long-term consequences of the injuries you have sustained. Contact our solicitors on 01737 854 500 or email [email protected].


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