Cyclist Wins £70,000 for Pothole Crash Injuries

The risk of injury to cyclists from potholes has recently been illustrated by the case of a cyclist who was left with brain injuries after he was thrown from his bike while training for a charity ride in Rickmansworth in October 2009.  Alan Curtis, (36) sued Hertfordshire County Council after fracturing his skull and breaking his arm when he came off his bike when it went into a pothole. He was left with hearing and short-term memory loss.

The judge heard that he had been doing about 18 – 20 mph when he crashed – either as a result of his wheel being caught in a linear pothole or him being forced to swerve suddenly in an attempt to avoid the pothole.

The judge concluded that he did not bear any responsibility for the accident.

Mr Curtis’s solicitor hailed the judgment as potentially “opening the floodgates” to similar claims and warned councils to ensure they fulfilled their duty to keep roads in good repair.

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