Section 89 – Rights of adjoining owner

London Building Act 1894

(1) Where a building owner proposes to exercise any of the foregoing rights with respect to party structures the adjoining owner may by notice require the building owner to build on any such party structure such chimney copings jambs or breasts or flues or such piers or recesses or any other like works as may fairly be required for the convenience of such adjoining owner and may be specified in the notice and it shall be the duty of the building owner to comply with such requisition in all cases where the execution of the required works will not be injurious to the building owner or cause to him unnecessary delay in the exercise of his right.

(2) Any difference that arises between a building owner and adjoining owner in respect of the execution of any such works shall be determined in manner in which differences between building owners and adjoining owners are hereinafter to be determined.

The London Building Act 1894