Saturday 23rd February is the Roman festival of “Terminalia”…..

….. which celebrates the Roman god Terminus, who was tasked with the protection of boundary markers and party walls. Where Roman estates adjoined they were marked with a boundary stone which usually included a statute of Terminus.

Each year on 23 February Roman land owners would celebrate with neighbouring families garlanding their respective sides of the marker and making offerings of crops, honeycomb and wine, which would “renew” the boundaries.

However, not all neighbourly relationships are as harmonious in the 21st centaury, and boundary disputes are unfortunately common. If you are in dispute with a neighbour about a boundary or party wall issue it is strongly advisable that you take legal advice early on, as this can prevent escalation of the dispute.

Please contact our boundary dispute specialist Matthew Hearsum on 01483 215 034 or email [email protected] to see how we can help.

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