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Divorce and family solicitors in Camberley

Your family is at the centre of your life and you want to make sure that those most important to you are well looked after.

Morr & Co's family law solicitors have been advising clients in Camberley on divorce, separation, children, and family related issues for many years.

Relationships and families have never been so complicated, but some things don’t change and protecting and taking care of those closest to you remains one of your highest priorities. When relationships do break down, for whatever reason, finding the right kind of settlement is still the best way of approaching the next stage of life’s journey.

Our family law solicitors in Camberley have experience of advising on all aspects of divorce and separation of married couples, cohabiting couples and civil partners together with the consequences of this separation upon the children i.e. where they are to live, who they are to live with and what levels of contact there should be.

Our family law solicitors in Camberley are experienced in using collaborative law to resolve complex family and relationship issues

With long experience and a practical and sympathetic approach to family and relationship matters, our team of solicitors in Camberley can help you to prepare for life’s ups and downs, make the right decisions, and take care of those around you.

Find out more about our family law and divorce services in Camberley.

We are experienced in handling every kind of family issue and will help you to understand the legal processes, using clear, non-technical language where appropriate so that you can evaluate your options and make the right decisions for you and your family.

Deborah Prance

Deborah Prance



Initial Consultations

Our Camberley family law team offers new clients a discounted rate for an initial one-hour consultation.

At the end of your initial consultation, we hope to be able to give you an initial assessment of your situation and the likely costs involved. Should you then instruct us, we would then credit the payment for this initial hour against your first bill.

Please note that this is subject to conditions*.

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Initial consultation - conditions

Our discounted rate initial consultation is available to new clients and is subject to conditions. Before the meeting, we will ask you to provide some details to enable us to confirm that we do not already act for another party involved and that we would be able to support you should you chose to instruct us . There may also be circumstances where the nature of the enquiry means that we are not able to provide this type of initial consultation. In these circumstances one of the team will speak to you and discuss the options available. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Please note that we do not offer legal aid.

At the end of your initial consultation, we hope to be able to give you an initial assessment of your situation and the likely costs involved. The initial advice we will be able to provide following the initial consultation will be limited as we will not have access to all the relevant information; it is intended to be a guide and should not be relied on. If documents are provided in advance for review, the time spent reviewing those will form part of the one-hour consultation.