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Stephanie Calthrop-Owen

Ranked Band One in Chambers & Partners, Stephanie Calthrop-Owen commands huge respect in the field of family law.

Stephanie graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1987. She went on to work for Streathers from 1988 – 1990, before joining Morr & Co.

Stephanie is a renowned expert in the field of family law, recognised for her integrity and high standards over the past two decades. She has particular expertise in matters relating to children, big money and complex financial cases. She is on the Law Society Family Panel and is a member of Resolution.


A keen cyclist, Stephanie spends her spare time and holidays taking on the challenges of the Alps, the Pyrenees, Mallorca and other cycling havens. She is also a member of Redhill Cycle Club.

"Stephanie is very good with clients; she is also a great tactician, knows the law well and is lovely to work with."

Chambers and Partners

Client testimonials

Testimonial, taken from Chambers & Partners

"Steph is fantastic. She gives very clear advice, is responsive and supportive and is an absolutely brilliant professional."

Client testimonial

Firstly I must thank you and Kaya for your support and understanding through all of this. X was so touched by your absolute commitment to the case, we are all so grateful for your utter professionalism. In what has been a long crisis for our family you have without doubt made this whole thing as easy for XY and I as possible which ultimately has enabled us to get X through it. Thank you. We both feel incredibly positive about the outcome and X feels enormous relief and is pleased as punch.

Client testimonial

“Thank you very much to both you Stephanie. It was a lot to take in for me. However tremendously useful to understand all the angles which was explained really well, and with such clarity”

Client testimonial

"Stephanie, I now understand why you are so highly recommended by people I know. You are amazing at your job and such a lovely person to deal with, I would recommend you to anyone in a similar situation in a heartbeat. Your constant enthusiasm throughout, and happy attitude, certainly puts your clients at ease, you have been so professional throughout."

Client testimonial

"I cannot thank you all enough for the support you gave me, and the way you kept me on track when I had given up hope."

Client testimonial

You’ve been absolutely brilliant throughout, always there for me, listening and contributing fabulous advice and insight, despite my frequent rants about the situation. I’m so pleased that we’ve finally resolved things has felt as though a huge weight and several years’ uncertainty have been lifted, so that really is a very great relief, thank you very much.

Client testimonial

"Stephanie Calthrop-Owen is very effective, efficient, clear thinking, professional, rational and kind.  Her team follow her lead."

Client testimonial

"I would like to thank you both very much for all you did during my divorce, which by all means was not easy and for being very patient. Thank you very much again, from the bottom of my heart."

Client testimonial

"And even though you all bugged me for more information all the time, especially at the crunch hour, I now understand why, as you managed to get a better result then I thought possible . I feel elated in the fact that a huge weight has now been lifted from me and I really cant thank you enough."

Client testimonial 

"You have been an absolute rock for me over the extended period of the divorce proceedings: months turning to years which has seen me bounce between deep frustration, anger and dismay. I could not have lasted the course without your professionalism, good humour and steadfastness. At a deep level this makes me even more aware of the debt of gratitude I owe you. I realise of course that you, Kaya and the firm have achieved a great outcome for me... It was by no means a predictable or easy win, but a win it no doubt was."