Successful Parenting after Separation workshop

On the evening of 29th September we were delighted to welcome some of our past and present family law clients to our first “Successful Parenting after Separation Workshop” which was run by Mette Theilmann and Rachel Manktelow from Parenting Success.

In our interactive workshop, as well as enjoying homemade cakes and other refreshments,  our Mums and Dads were given expert guidance on how to Co-Parent now they are separated.  They were given practical hints and tips on how to communicate effectively with their ex partner and act in a manner that is in their children’s best interests.  The feedback we have received from our parents was overwhelmingly positive and they really appreciated sharing their experiences and learning constructive and positive ways to cope as a separated parent.  They also learnt how to make the most of the precious time they have with their children and to help their children adjust to the reality of divorce.

As solicitors our job is to guide our clients through their legal journey but we are all too aware that our client’s also face immense practical and emotional problems.  At Morrisons we want to be able to support our client’s as much as possible in all aspects of their separation.  It has therefore been very rewarding to be able to offer them this additional helping hand.

If you feel you would benefit from one of our future Successful Parenting After Separation workshops please contact Stephanie Calthrop-Owen at [email protected].  Please let Stephanie know what you need help with so we can tailor the next workshop to your needs. 



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