Mediation – Joe and Sally’s story: Part 1

Part 1

Joe* and Sally* have been married 19 years. Their home is jointly owned and subject to a mortgage, they have some savings, part of which came from Sally’s late mother’s estate. Joe is a teacher and Sally works as a part time nurse. They both have work related pension schemes. They have two children; James* who is at school and Sarah* who is about to start university.

Sadly, the marriage has broken down and Sally has been looking into how they should separate and deal with the children and their finances. She has an initial advice meeting with a family lawyer and explains that she and Joe want to deal with this as amicably as possible for the sake of the children.

They find it hard having these discussions between themselves, so the solicitor suggests they try mediation. Sally calls the mediation service and is given a clear explanation of the process, time scale and charges. She is informed about the co-mediation service on offer, whereby two experienced mediators work with Joe and Sally to help them reach mutually acceptable proposals. Sally agrees to consider this and to ask Joe to call the mediator.

A date is fixed for the first session, but before then, Joe and Sally are sent mediation information forms to complete and return to the mediators, together with the Agreement to Mediate which sets out the principles of mediation.

To be continued in Part 2…..

We have experienced, accredited mediators who can undertake mediations in any of Morrisons’ offices to suit the client’s needs. If one partner or spouse lives abroad, or lives too far away to travel, we can conduct mediations via SKYPE.

For more information about our Mediation Service contact us.


* Fictional characters


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