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Employment tribunal litigation and ACAS Pre-claim conciliation

Employment tribunal claims can be both expensive and time consuming, if faced with a claim from ACAS our employment tribunal solicitors can provide expert advice from a specialist employment solicitor which will allow you to decide whether you want to settle and avoid tribunal proceedings.

Morr & Co's employment solicitors help clients with employment tribunal litigation and ACAS Pre-claim conciliation.

Employment Tribunal Litigation

  • Settlement of claims
  • Defence against tribunal claims
  • Counterclaims

Employment tribunal claims can be costly and time consuming to defend. Even if you win, it is unlikely you will recover your legal costs, and if you lose you could be required to make a large compensation payment. So, early, commercially informed and expert advice that leads to a resolution is essential. It is also the case that employees are increasingly threatening a tribunal claim as a tactic to trigger a mandatory ACAS intervention in the hope of achieving a favourable outcome before the full tribunal. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you receive notification from Acas or an employment tribunal claim, so that we can help you establish the merit of the claim and the best course of action for your business.

If you decide to defend a claim, we will represent you in tribunal proceedings, providing robust arguments and using our skilled judgment and expertise to prepare your case. Recognised and respected by leading firms, having Morr & Co defending your case says that you mean business. We have extensive experience of defending and also negotiating settlements in all types of employment tribunal claims, including constructive/unfair dismissal, discrimination claims and claims of unlawful deductions from wages. You may have a counter claim against the claimant.

We can run the defence for you or you may prefer to engage us on a pay as you go retainer where you instruct us to undertake specific tasks. Whether you wish to settle a claim or to fight it at tribunal, we will advise you on the best strategy for your business.

ACAS Pre-claim conciliation

The requirement for employees to notify ACAS before they can bring an employment tribunal, and ACAS’s efforts to find a settlement, has led to a rise in employees threatening employment tribunal claims against employers as a tactic to achieve improved terms. Faced with such a claim you need expert advice on its value and merit, so that you can decide whether to settle and avoid tribunal proceedings or wait and see if the employee is willing to incur the cost of filing a tribunal claim.

Alongside our expertise in the law and understanding of latest trends for settlement, our experience in undertaking pre-claim conciliation will help you to secure a better result and greater protection in any agreed settlement. We have an excellent record of achieving withdrawals and low settlement figures for our clients.


What are Employment Tribunals?

Employment tribunals are judicial bodies which make decisions about employment disputes. Usually for the less complex cases, these tribunals will be heard by an employment judge sitting alone. For more complicated employment disputes, two lay members may also be present.

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