Life at Morr & Co

A place where people want to come to work

Life at Morr & Co

A place where people want to come to work

What's it like to work at Morr & Co?

Why do people love coming to work at Morr & Co?

We have created a law firm that is progressive and ambitious, creative and high-achieving, while being committed to the community in which we work and to one another.

We listen, we care and we get results. We believe that work should be fun and satisfying and that comes from knowing we’re doing a great job.

Why work at Morr & Co?

Employee Benefits

Find out more about the range of benefits on offer, including some things you don't find everywhere.

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Culture & Values

The firm's culture and values are central to everything at he firm - listen to what our team say about them

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Work-life balance

Ensuring everyone achieves a healthy work-life balance is important. Find out more about this here

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Being a part of the communities in which we live and work is important to us. Find out more here.

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Career progression - early stages

Knowing you part of a firm who support value your career and your progression is important to you. Listen to how we support our teams here.

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Career progression - senior

Once you have an established career, it's good to know that you are part of a a firm who will support your continued progress. 

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Some comments from our latest staff survey

I strongly feel like my voice is an important part of the process here and that any ideas are considered and taken into consideration.

The support from all Morrisons staff and management is above and beyond the highest level any employer can give. This is genuinely the best company I have worked for since leaving school… many years ago!

The company’s flexibility and willingness to change and develop roles rather than sticking to rigid ‘one size fits all’ job descriptions allows us to evolve and enhance how we contribute.

Staff in other departments are always friendly and sociable and I feel very much a part of a collaborative, hard-working yet fun team.

My team always take the time to thank me for the work I have done, making me feel like a valued member.

I have a great line manager who, despite the fact I have not been here long, listens to anything I might add without being dismissive.

I feel that I understand where we are going and what is needed to make it happen.  There seem to be positive moves to move the firm forwards in terms of work and its presence in the legal world.

My line manager is always supportive and encourages me to take the initiative and be creative when dealing with cases. Moreover, my line manager understands that the job is challenging and always provides advice on how to best manage work and studies

By praising me when appropriate and by acknowledging the work I do, my line manager certainly motivates me to aim high and achieve exceptional results.

My colleagues are also my friends

There is a strong sense of compassion and flexibility.

My HOD always listens and encourages effort.

The people make the firm a place I want to continue to work in

All in all just a great company to work for. To be frank, Morrisons Solicitors saved my wellbeing six years ago as I was in a very dark place and they gave me a chance, took me on and have NEVER made me feel unappreciated. For this I thank Morrisons for everything from my heart.

Discover life at Morr & Co

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It's important to us to know that our teams get satisfaction from their careers at Morr & Co and each year we measure that through a staff survey.

You can see the results from the most recent survey here.