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Consumer Rights Act 2015 – what do the changes mean for your business?

From 1 October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (‘CRA 2015’) introduced a number of key changes in one of the most comprehensive reforms of UK consumer law for decades.

The CRA 2015 only applies to contracts between businesses and consumers.  The increased awareness amongst consumers following media coverage makes it very important for  businesses to take a second look at their practices to ensure compliance with the changes from the outset.

The CRA 2015 simplifies the existing consumer rights framework, reforms rights and remedies in relation to defective goods and services and includes the new rights and remedies for digital content which were introduced in June 2014.There are a number of measures which businesses can take to ensure compliance with the CRA 2015 including reviewing any pre-sales information that is given to customers, checking whether their product products falls within the definition of ‘digital content’ and reviewing their refund policies.

We will be exploring the changes over the next week and setting out the practical considerations for businesses in our CRA 2015 blog series, which will focus on the following rights and remedies:

1. defective goods
2. defective services
3. digital content
4. unfair contract terms and consumer notices

If you would like new terms of business or a review of your current terms of business (whether your sales are online, on premises or off premises) in light of the reforms, please contact our Commercial team on on 01737 854 500 or find out more here.


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