Why I decided to do law….by Jagat Shah

Now that you’re A-levels are out, you may be ready to make a decision about what career you are interested in going into. Accountancy, Law, Music or Education to name but a few. There are so many options and all can be daunting. I remember the time well and hope that by giving some background into my decision to become a solicitor, you may decide it could be a career for you too. So, here goes!

I started my working life at my parents’ convenience store where I gathered a range of interpersonal and business skills. I enjoyed the endless contact with the customers, which is what made the time pass by in an enjoyable way.

It was because of that, I wanted to go into a career that had some people focus. I was brought up to appreciate people as people and not just a source of income. This means that I build a personal relationship with the people I work with and clients. I knew I wanted to help and make a positive difference to those people that I got to know on a personal level.

I really enjoy real life problem solving (the opposite to maths!) and thrive on finding solutions. It gives me a sense of achievement. Because of that, I wanted a career that expected big things from me, a career that would push me to reach my full potential and a career where I had to work hard to get to the top as well as being professional.

After various career events and advice I felt that a career in law, as a solicitor, was for me. Hooray!

As well as providing all of the above, a career in law has many other attractions. As a solicitor you are always working with your colleagues to find answers for your clients – Solutions! It is that team work and sense of support and providing solutions that keeps the adrenaline flowing.

As a solicitor you are continuously developing as a person and forever learning. The self-development is really rewarding. The learning is amazing. It is incredible how knowledgeable you can be without realising. It is modest intelligence.

For me it was a mix of all off the above that made me want to do law. After two years at college, three years at university, a year at Law College, my training contract and 5 years as a Qualified Solicitor at Morrisons Solicitors, I can genuinely say that I have no regrets for two reasons, firstly, the variety of work and clients is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Secondly, as Gandhi once said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Jag mono


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