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What does a training contract really entail?

Chloe Chatton, a Trainee Solicitor in the Commercial Property department discusses her experience of having a Training Contract with Morrisons Solicitors.

I joined Morrisons in June 2016 as a paralegal in the Commercial Property department and started my training contract with the firm in September 2017.

Working as a paralegal within the firm before applying for a Training Contract gave me a chance to get to know the firm and the level of training and responsibility trainees are given.

One of the things that attracted me to Morrisons is the wide range of departments and seats available to trainees. You’re asked at the beginning of your Training Contract which areas you’re interested in, allowing you to lean more towards commercial or private client. I’m currently in my third seat in the Commercial Property department having already completed seats in the Employment and Dispute Resolution departments. I have been lucky enough to complete seats in each of the areas I expressed an interest in. Morrisons encourages you to do a range of seats, including seats that you might not be considering at the beginning of your Training Contract. This has worked really well for me and I’ve enjoyed seats that during my LPC I never thought I would enjoy!

During each of my seats I’ve worked alongside passionate and supportive Solicitors who have encouraged me to push myself and build my confidence as a trainee. As I’ve gone through my seats my supervisors have given me more responsibility with files, giving me more client contact and file management tasks preparing me for qualification.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Training Contract so far and am looking forward to my final seat in the Corporate and Commercial department. My Training Contract highlight is preparing for and attending a two day hearing in the Supreme Court!

There is not long left till our applications for Training Contracts starting in 2020 close, to apply please download our application form and email it to [email protected] along with your CV and a covering letter before 31st January 2019. If you would like more information, please click here.


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