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Surrey Half Marathon – Morrisons’ running team training blog

Morrisons Solicitors are proud to be a sponsor of the Surrey Half Marathon, which takes place in Woking on March 11th.

This year, Morrisons are sponsoring The Corporate Challenge – which gives runners the opportunity to represent their company, branch and or department in the Surrey Half Marathon.

With less than a month to go, we caught up with our team of athletes, to see how their training is going.

So team – how you enjoying the training?

Mike – “Really enjoying it – I’m just coming back from a year off with injuries, so after taking it easy over the winter I’m now trying to get out on more long runs – but picking up lots of colds and bugs hasn’t helped.”

Abi – “It’s just so cold. I am not a runner and try to avoid it if I can, you will normally find me in the local Crossfit box lifting weights or climbing ropes instead.”

Catherine – “Struggling with injuries – and last week was particularly hard, as I was away skiing and forcing myself onto the treadmill after 5 hours’ hard skiing every day, when everyone else was in the bar or the sauna, was horrible – everything hurt!”

George – “More than I thought I would.”

Joel – “It is always fun to run through the streets like Rocky training for a fight, I might even make a montage”.

Why are you doing the Surrey Half?

Zak – “Until I started training for the SH I hadn’t run more than 5k before….so I wanted the challenge of a half marathon to get me motivated.”

Peter – “I did it last year and wanted to come back and beat my time – I’m also doing the London marathon this year so this is a nicely timed training race.”

Catherine – “Mid-life crisis.”

Graham – “I signed up last year, but had to pull out – so really looking forward to getting out on what looks like a great course.”

Joel – “I did it last year and would, ideally, like to beat my time.”

George – “ “I was told by colleagues that after c. 7 years of not exercising I would be incapable of running a half marathon. They forget that I am always right, so I am running to prove this point.”

Mike – “I did a PB in this race a few years ago and loved the event. Not sure I’ve done enough training to get a PB this time….but you never know.”

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after the race?

Catherine – “Throw my trainers away.”

Abi – “I’m really looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment after finishing the run….then I’ll collapse… and then have a Gin & Tonic!”

George – “After collecting our joint winners’ medals, Joel and I will celebrate with a couple of drinks”.

Joel – “After collecting our joint winners’ medals, George and I will celebrate with a couple of drinks”.

Peter – “Focus on the London marathon.”

Graham – “Hobble to the nearest pub.”

Mike – “Rush home – it’s mothers day!”

Our team are running this in support of LinkAble – please support them by donating here.

This year, the Morrisons team is:

  • Peter Savage – Partner, Head Corporate and Commercial, Woking
  • Catherine Fisher – Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Woking
  • Zak Raza – Paralegal, Commercial Property, Woking
  • Abigail Pfister – Associate Solicitor, Private Client, Wimbledon
  • Joel Gocool – Trainee Solicitor, Dispute Resolution, Wimbledon
  • George Holmes – Paralegal, Dispute Resolution, Wimbledon
  • Kyle Correia – Paralegal, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence, Wimbledon
  • Graham Halsall – Partner, Dispute Resolution, Redhill
  • Mike Jackson – Marketing & BD Director, Redhill

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