Clarification on 2013 legal timetable


The Government has confirmed the following changes:

Summer 2013:  12 months earnings cap on  employment tribunal compensatory awards (the current maximum is £74,200);  introduction of tribunal fees for claimants i.e. £ 160 to file a straightforward claim such as unpaid wages and £250 for more complex claims such as unfair dismissal. There are further fees of £230 and £950 respectively, for the tribunal hearing; introduction of protected settlement conversations; new employment tribunal procedural rules; changes to whistleblowing laws.

Autumn 2013: TUPE reforms, and possible employee share owner status.

2014: Acas early conciliation of tribunal claims offering parties the opportunity to resolve their dispute through Acas and avoid the need to go to tribunal; tribunal penalties for employers found to have breached employment rights which will be 50% of any financial compensation awarded (subject to a maximum limit of £5,000) with a 50% discount if paid within 21 days.

For further information about any of these please contact a member of the employment team or call 01737 854 500 or email [email protected]


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