10 things you might not know about Camberley…

1. In 2011, the census recorded Camberley’s population as 37,916. This made up 15% of the Aldershot Urban Area census which was the 29th largest urban area in the UK.
2. In the 1963 film adaptation of William Golding’s acclaimed novel The Lord of the Flies, Piggy was played by Hugh Edwards who attended the now demolished Camberley Primary School. In the film itself, Piggy also refers to Camberley and wrongly explains why it was renamed. He says that the name consisted of three parts; ‘Cam’ which was taken from the name Cambridge town which Camberley was originally named, the ‘ber’ from river as there are lots of rivers in the area and ‘ley’ because it common finishes town names in that area. Actually, the name was split into three parts because ‘Cam’ came from the stream which ran through the town, ‘Amber’ came from a hill which had been marked on a map of the area in 1607 and ‘ley’ is understood to usually mean a clearing in the woodland.
3. On the A30 approaching the Meadows, there is a concrete pipe white elephant created as advertising by a pipe company. When they closed down the elephant was liked so much that its upkeep was written into the tenancy contract. This means that subsequent business have had to look after it!
4. In Channel 4’s 2007 Location, Location, Location ‘best and worst’ survey, Surrey Heath was voted the 6th best place to live.
5. Flora Thompson the English novelist who famous wrote Lark Rise to Candleford, worked in various post offices across the south, including Yateley. She is known to have worked for Yateley’s telegraph operator during the 1901 census. The building now called Discoveries used to be the Post Office where Flora worked for the Bettesworth family.
6. One half of Gilbert and Sullivan, Arthur Sullivan started writing The Golden Legend whilst living in Camberley. Where McDonald’s now resides is the site of his old house.
7. Cambridge town was renamed Camberley but before either existed the area where Camberley is now was simply known as the Bagshot/Frimley Heath.
8. The average health of people in England is not as good as the health of people in Surrey Heath. Life expectancy is higher in Surrey Heath, and the rate of early death from stroke and heart disease is lower than England’s average.
9. Near by Yateley in 2014 was voted one of the most attractive postcodes to live in England.
10. The highwayman William Davies, the Golden Farmer, was believed to haunt the area now known as Camberley

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