Morrisons Solicitors rebrand

Our new name

We are still the same team of solicitors, but from  January 2022 we have a new name…Morr & Co LLP. 

Morrisons Solicitors is now called Morr & Co

In January 2022 Morrisons Solicitors changed our name to Morr & Co LLP.

For almost 300 years, Morrisons Solicitors has been growing and adapting. Most recently we acquired the practices of Harrops & Hepburn in Oxted (2018) and Wheelers Solicitors in Surrey/Hampshire (2019), which has enhanced the range of services we provide to our clients, and also our geographical reach. Since those mergers we have been operating as three different brands across the region, but internally the picture is now very different, and we have been fully integrated and united as one firm for some time.

To reflect this, Morrisons Solicitors have chosen to bring the group together under one, new and modern brand - Morr & Co LLP.

It’s not the first time Morrisons Solicitors have changed our name. The firm has operated under a variety of names since its foundation in 1729. With the company’s 300th anniversary approaching, we are taking the opportunity to modernise once again, while retaining that unbreakable link to our origin and heritage.

Why Morr & Co?

We have changed our name to reflect our evolution. Morrisons Solicitors has been known affectionately as Morr Law for many years, so the new name represents that familiarity and respects our history. In addition to this, the “&Co” recognises the company of talented individuals across our business and the regions we serve. Whatever role we each play within the firm, we are one team, united by shared values. In order to deliver an amazing service to our clients, the company we keep is important to us; so much so it’s now part of our name.

Morrisons Solicitors history

Morrisons Solicitors, now Morr & Co, can trace their routes back to 1729 when Michael Barnes bought 46 High Street in Reigate and established a firm of solicitors. It quickly became regarded as the most eminent firm in town. The premises are now home to the Island House restaurant.

It wasn’t until 1812 when George Morrison joined the firm, that ‘Morrison’ appeared in the company name. Since then, there were various name changes, all centred around the Morrison name, before it changed to Morrisons Solicitors in 1978.

Over the past 20 years in particular, Morrisons Solicitors saw enormous growth, both organically through the acquisition of talented lawyers and support staff, as well as more recently through mergers with other respected law firms.

At the end of 2018 Morrisons Solicitors acquired Harrops & Hepburn Solicitors in Oxted and then, in 2019, Wheelers Solicitors, acquiring their offices in in Farnborough, Camberley, Fleet and Ash Vale,

With both acquired firms having such great reputations and strong brands in their respective regions, it was important at the time for us to keep their names, whilst integrating them into the Morrisons Group. However, we are no longer separate firms and in January 2022 the time came for our name to reflect the way in which we work – as one, united firm.

Now as Morr & Co, the firm has offices in Teddington, Wimbledon, Redhill,  Oxted, Farnborough, Camberley, Fleet and Ash Vale, making it one of the largest firms solicitors in Surrey, Hampshire and SW London.



Morr & Co LLP the new name for the Morrisons Group

From the 10th January we are changing our name to Morr & Co. Watch this video preview the new brand and to hear Paul Harvey, our Managing Partner, talk about the rebrand and why we have chosen to be called Morr & Co.

Questions about the changes

From Monday 10th January 2022 we will be known as Morr & Co LLP. There are no changes to our business structure, the way we are managed, or to our team members. The changes are to the “visual” part of our business - our logo, stationery, the website and office signage.

We do not anticipate that this will have any impact on the service we provide to you, or on any work we are currently doing for you. Your matter will continue to be dealt with in the same way by the same member of our team.

Yes. Any funds that we currently hold on your behalf will remain securely in the same client bank accounts. The account name will change from Morrisons Solicitors LLP to Morr & Co LLP but the account number and sort code will remain the same. Invoices you receive after Monday 10th January 2022 should be paid to Morr & Co LLP as per the details provided on any invoices issued after that date.

Yes. The change in our name is cosmetic and does not affect the validity of any documents. If we currently hold or store any documents on your behalf, these remain safely stored either at our office or in our secure archive facility.

Yes. From Monday 10th January 2022 all personal data and any documents held by Morrisons Solicitors LLP will be held by Morr & Co LLP, which is in accordance with our existing privacy policy, which can be viewed at 

From Monday 10th January 2022 there are some very minor changes to our contact details:

  • Postal address our location and address is staying the same, although you should address all communications to Morr & Co LLP instead of Harrops & Hepburn Solicitors. 

  • Website our website will be moving to Any links will automatically redirect to a relevant link on 

  • Email all email addresses will change to [email protected]. Any emails you send to us at an address will be automatically redirected to the correct team member.

  • Email, telephone and fax all of these methods of contacting us will stay the same.

No, you are not required to do anything.

Morrisons Solicitors, Wheelers Solicitors, Harrops & Hepburn Solicitors, and the Morrisons Group are trading names of Morrisons Solicitors LLP, an established regional law firm with offices across Surrey, Hampshire and South West London. The firm is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with partnership number OC317735 which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our registered office is: Prospero, 73 London Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1LQ.

From Monday 10th January 2022 Morrisons Solicitors LLP will become Morr & Co LLP.